Pair Your Passion for Teaching with World Travel

Further your career and gain valuable life experiences by travelling to teach in places like China, Turkey, Brazil or Bangladesh. Are you a new teacher looking to gain classroom experience? A mid-career educator looking for a new pedagogical experience? A retired teacher looking for something new? You get all these opportunities as well as unforgettable life experiences when you teach abroad.

Enriching Professional and Cultural Experiences

Since 1997, hundreds of educators have been hired by owners of offshore schools that have a partnership agreement with Atlantic Education International to use New Brunswick curriculum with their students.

New Brunswick offshore schools need teachers of all grade levels with expertise in a variety of subject areas, such as ESL, Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, English, Administration, etc.  Our partners hire teachers from English-speaking countries with preference given to Canadian educators with a certified teaching certificate. For teachers interested in ESL opportunities, an undergrad degree and a minimum of 120 hour TESL/TEFL certificate can be accepted in some countries.

Teaching in a New Brunswick affiliated offshore school is more than simply teaching English as a second language overseas. It’s a rewarding endeavour and worthwhile opportunity for all educators to advance their teaching skills in curriculum areas that interest them.

Each school is privately owned and operated, yet they are required to meet established New Brunswick requirements. With that in mind, AEI oversees these schools through routine inspections and professional learning support. Students in these schools work to achieve a New Brunswick high school diploma, and many hope to undertake post-secondary education abroad.

Benefits of Teaching Abroad

Work and life experiences being some of the many benefits and advantages of teaching in a New Brunswick affiliated offshore school. There are a variety of professional and personal reasons to teach abroad. Each school offers its own unique professional development advantages, and individual cities offer their own unique cultural and lifestyle advantages.

Low Cost of Living

One of the most significant economic advantages of teaching abroad is the cost of living. Our international partners cover the costs of accommodations, medical insurance, and airfare to and from the country in which you will teach. The salary a teacher is offered is the net salary as the employer will cover the taxes. Compensation varies among countries, and teachers can expect to earn $25,000 CAD to $57,000 CAD annually depending on the country, education and experience level.  Salaries for administrative positions would be even higher.


There will be lots of opportunity to travel during your time abroad. Flights are relatively inexpensive to travel within that country or to visit other countries. Some schools in China offer a four-week break during Chinese New Year and those teachers often head for the beach.


  • Favourable teaching loads
  • Annual return airfare
  • Accommodation
  • Medical insurance
  • Subsidized visa costs
  • Inexpensive travel across the country
  • Opportunity to learn a new language
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Modern and first-class school facilities and equipment

In the Classroom

Classroom sizes vary from school to school. In some schools, you may have as many as 30 students or as few as 10. Students enrolled in these schools typically have studied English as a second language, however, the range of written and spoken proficiency varies.

In general, students enrolled in these schools have tremendous respect for their teachers and are motivated to succeed and pursue post-secondary studies abroad.

Many of the schools’ facilities are first-rate—some having indoor swimming pools, modern libraries, and computer labs with the latest technology.

Living Abroad

While teaching abroad, teachers can expect to be completely immersed in a new culture. Some teachers experience culture shock, but if you are open-minded and willing to try new things, you will perceive all these cultural differences as a learning experience and adventure. Many New Brunswick affiliated offshore schools are in larger cities, so you can expect many of the same western style comforts you enjoy at home. Being abroad, you can expect to try new foods–there are however western style restaurant chains to satisfy your cravings. As for accommodation, teachers are typically housed in western style apartments with modern amenities.