A Once in a Lifetime Experience… For You and Them

Over the years, hundreds of New Brunswick families have welcomed international students into their homes.   These families make a tremendous difference in the lives of students from around the globe.  Through their roles as hosts, our families help these visiting young people find their place in our province.  They do this by helping students create lasting relationships with families and friends, by ensuring they feel safe and secure in welcoming homes, and by allowing them to have the life-changing experiences they’ve dreamed of in the months leading up to their study-abroad year.

The bonds created between host families and visiting students last for a lifetime.  Families benefit by seeing and appreciating life through the lives of students from other backgrounds and cultures.  Students benefit from the warmth of New Brunswick’s renowned hospitality, which they experience right in the home of families eager to get to know them.  For most students, the experience of living with a New Brunswick host family will help them achieve their desire to learn English.  Our immersive homestay environment has been proven to work, and families can take credit for helping students achieve their goals.

Mutual benefits abound when New Brunswickers make the decision to welcome an international student into their home. Like so many others before you, you will likely find that the guest you welcome into your home will actually become a new member of your family!

Is there an out-of-pocket expense for families?

While hosting an international student, a fixed monthly stipend will be provided

to the host family to cover expenses.

This sounds awesome! What’s the next step?

To get more information and determine if the New Brunswick International Student Program is the right fix for you and your family, please fill out the following form: