An Excellent Partnership Choice

Atlantic Education International (AEI) works with partners in various countries to deliver unique and quality educational programs.

By partnering with AEI to become a New Brunswick accredited school you will be provided with:

  • High-quality and supportive educational program that uses the New Brunswick curriculum.
  • An official graduation diploma issued by the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development to students who successfully complete the New Brunswick graduation requirements.
  • Ongoing support and guidance on the New Brunswick curriculum and the implementation of the New Brunswick program from an experienced team of New Brunswick educators.
  • Opportunities for professional development to assist:
    • Educators and school personnel in gaining the knowledge, skills, competencies, values and commitments necessary to ensure that students are reaching their fullest potential.
    • Educators in becoming more effective teachers.
  • Accountability and quality assurance through annual inspections completed by a team of New Brunswick inspectors.

New Brunswick’s Education System

New Brunswick’s education system is recognized for being world-class and for ensuring that its students develop the necessary skills to become lifelong learners, to achieve personal fulfillment and to contribute to a productive society.  The curriculum equips learners with fundamental skills like literacy and numeracy, while ensuring that they develop the global competencies needed to thrive in a changing world.

If you’re interested in studying in New Brunswick, hosting a student, teaching or studying abroad, or licensing our curriculum, reach out!

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