Summer Culture Program

What kind of Activities are included?

Summer Culture Program - Students and chaperones will travel from New Brunswick to China, where they will spend time at the Beijing, Anhui and Shenzhen Concord Colleges of Sino-Canada.

The College will organize a program consisting of classroom instruction including introductory courses in Chinese culture, language, martial arts, etc. Participants will also visit major cultural and historic sites including the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, and The Forbidden City.

At the same time, Chinese students will be taking part in an English language program. Activities will be scheduled so that New Brunswick and Chinese students can join together in activities, to reinforce skills in both languages.

The Great Wall
Tiananmen Square
The Forbidden City
Local Markets
Weekend in a Chinese Family Home
Cultural Workshops
Amusement Parks
Traditional Karaoke
Tour of Hong Kong
Many More...

Included with Summer Culture Program

Airplane Ticket $2000
Mandatory Medical Insurance $70
Transportation and Accommodations in Hong Kong $470
Chinese Visa $260
All participants, will receive a $800 bursary which will be applied towards the airfare.
Total Summer Culture Program Cost per student: $2000*

PLUS Immunization, passport*, visa photos & spending money

* All students will require a passport, so apply now.

* Prices may slightly vary depending on flight cost.


We encourage you to organize fundraisers that would help pay for this trip!

Application Process


Create an essay about yourself and why you should be chosen to be part of the China Summer Cultural Program


Complete this online application form and submit your essay


Application needs to be submitted by Dec 7, 2018

(Late applicants will be considered if spaces have not been filled)


If selected, a $500 deposit is required by January 31st; $250 is non-refundable


A mandatory orientation session will be held during a weekend in May

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